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A Non-verbal performance integrates Korea's traditional rhythm, Samulnori, with comedy and drama in the kitchen! Audiences of all ages and nationalities can enjoy! Everyone is welcome! Since the first performance in 1997 at the Edinburg Fringe Festival NANTA received its first award for best performance. This now world famous nonverbal performance 8,100,000 people the largest audiences in Korean history.

Since its first debut NANTA finally made an appearance on New York's Broadway. This opportunity opened up new doors for Korean culture and performances. Now about 7,000,000 people around the world are enjoying NANTA's spectacular performances. NANTA performances can also be seen at three different theater locations within Korea. NANTA also received an award for Best Urban Program in 2009 and is also being highly recommended by tourist and locals alike."This is a must see performance" As 750,000 foreign visitors per year come to Korea to enjoy NANTA and Korean culture.



  • Premium: 63,000 KRW

  • R seat: 54,000 KRW

  • S seat: 45,000 KRW

  • A seat: 36,000 KRW



“A Must-See Traditional Performance of Korea”

Rewriting MISO : Baebijang-jeon with Korean traditional movements, sounds, and theatrical devices “MISO : Baebijang-jeon”a satirical novel representative of the Joseon era, is a classical novel written by an unknown author in the late Joseon Dynasty in which humor stands out vividly as it evokes laughter by alluding to the hypocrisy of the ruling class and natural human desires. This novel was recreated and performed as a Korean traditional opera, a musical, etc., becoming a performance content that has already verified its box-office worth and entertainment value to the domestic audience.

“MISO : Baebijang-jeon” is Jeongdong Theater’s Special Performance and new work of art of 2014. It doesn’t just present traditional dance and music in a one dimensional dance drama. It goes on to heighten the beauty of form as a holistic performance by harmonizing rhythm, melody, theatrical devices, and dancing steps based on Korean traditional movements. It also increases the completion level of the dramatic story that penetrates the entire performance.

“MISO : Baebijang-jeon (裵裨將傳)”: A Satirical Novel Representative of the Joseon Dynasty
- The fateful encounter of Secretary Bae, an official that we can’t help but love, and Ae-rang, a beautiful woman who is proud and clever -

Bae Geol-deok-swe, who always tries to maintain the honor of the gentry, is appointed the government position of the secretary in charge of culture and art. He goes to his new post in Jeju Island with the new district magistrate. In Jeju Island, Secretary Bae doesn’t mingle with the people at the welcoming party of the new magistrate. Instead, he goes around scolding the other secretaries for socializing with gisaengs (courtesans). The magistrate wants to test Secretary Bae who vows never to be seduced by any kind of temptation, so the magistrate declares that he’ll handsomely reward anyone who can seduce Secretary Bae. Ae-rang, one of Jeju Island’s most beautiful women, comes forward, saying she’ll seduce him. The man servant that works for Secretary Bae agrees to help her. Secretary Bae, who would talk big about the honor of the gentry, sees Ae-rang taking a bath at the waterfall, and immediately falls in love with her. With the help of his man servant, Secretary Bae heads over to Ae-rang’s house.



  • R seat: 45,000 KRW

  • S seat: 36,000 KRW




"The Martial Arts Comedy Sensation In the World"

Ever since first hit the stage in July 2003, Jump has been incredibly popular in Korea. It also has had remarkable international success. In 2005 and 2006 it took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm, and then went on to tour around the world, ending up on London’s West End and New York’s off-Broadway, proving that this musical comedy has universal appeal. This innovative show incorporates many of Asia’s martial arts, including Korea's Taekwondo and Taekkyeon, as it tells the story of a family of martial arts specialists who have to defend their house from robbers.



  • VIP seat: 54,000 KRW

  • R seat: 45,000 KRW

  • S seat: 36,000 KRW


seat : 50,000 KRW



 B-BOY 'KUNG' Season 2. "KUNG Festival"

B-Boy City in Seoul “Kung” is a non-verbal musical performance that tells the story of the dance group Gorilla Crew. The main character, Hochan, anguishes about the stark reality he is facing as a dancer. Through dynamic performances, the B-boys Hyeonmun, Donghui and Seongtaek relate their agony, happiness, and passion for dancing. 
Gorilla Crew had won previous acclaim as a talented dancing team for well-known performances such as “Ballerina Who Loves B-boy” and “Return.” The performance's energizing mix of dance techniques is certain to delight audiences.





  • A seat: 50,000 KRW



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